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Study of Ancient Runes First Years Lesson 7 Date: August 12, 2005.


This is the seventh lesson of study of ancient runes. Please take out your quills and parchment. You will be doing a project for this lesson.


Fifth Lesson: Runic Alphabet Project

This week you will do a project on the Runic Alphabet to see if you can be able to write in Runic Alphabet. Please include your name and house and write it in using the Runic Alphabet.(if possible) *Note: Remember just give me the rune names of the letters you are using, it would take too long to do a copy and paste thing.*

You will need to write 5 words using the Runic Alphabet. Must be HP or Neopets related. For example: Kiko.

You will also need to write 5 sentences(easy ones, don't want to make it too hard ;) ) using the Runic Alphabet. Any sentences, and they can be short, but it must be something of HP related or Neopets related. For example: 1. "I solemnly swear I am up to no good."-Maurader's Map; POA. Also note that the letters must be correct and match to it's rune or I will mark it wrong.

Extra Credit: Write this sentence in runic alphabet. "I must not tell lies."- OoTP

You will need not to check the homework page b/c this is mainly it. However if you have not done lessons 5 & 6 you will need to go over it to know how exactly do this project. (Sorry guys, if I make it difficult for ya I'm trying to make it easy as possible. Neomail me though for help.)

The next lesson we will continue to practice using the runic alphabet and we will learn how the runes are being used today. Send to me no later than Friday August 19, 2005 before 5:00PM NST. A new lesson will be posted on Friday August 19,2005.

August 12 Homework Received.




 For questions or homework help contact to Destiny34567


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Disclaimer: I am no way or claim to be a rune expert or a real teacher. I have gathered information from many sites on the web. Doing this for my guild that I'm in and its just for FUN!!!! Thx. :)