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Welcome & Thanks for joining! I created this guild for people who enjoy having fun, meeting new friends and who like to help others out. Post on the message board and introduce yourself to the members of the guild. Also check out the guild links to learn more about this guild.

-Boosmommy124 a.k.a. Dee

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~*Member of the Month*~

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Reach 25 Members.

~*Latest News*~

Date- The guild has officially opened!

Date- Guild Webpage is finished!

Date- Council & Sub-Council needed. To apply for council or sub council neomail Boosmommy124 and briefly state why you would be perfect for the council/sub-council positions. I will choose and announce at the end of the week.

Date- Competitions have begun!


1)Team Leader:

2)Team Leader:

3)Team Leader:

4)Team Leader:

5)Team Leader:

**Read more about the council & sub-council here**

~*Team Points*~






****Go here to learn more about how you can earn points for your team****