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Past Lessons

Here are the previous lessons we have gone so over so far. You can look here if you need to study or if you have missed a lesson, you can review and do the discuss questions for house points. Remember everything taught will be on quizzes, tests, and on the O.W.L.S. Good luck!


First Lesson- July 1, 2005

Second Lesson- July 8, 2005

Third Lesson- July 15, 2005


Fourth Lesson- July 22, 2005


Fifth Lesson- July 29, 2005 Sixth Lesson-August 6, 2005




The Castle

To the Guild


Disclaimer: I am no way or claim to be a rune expert or a real teacher. I have gathered information from many sites on the web. Doing this for my guild that I'm in and its just for FUN!!!! Thx. :)