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Study of Ancient Runes First Years Lesson 5 Date: July 29, 2005.


This is the fifth lesson of study of ancient runes. REMEMBER: NO copying and NO cheating!


Fifth Lesson: Practice using the Runic Alphabet Part I
*Important* I realized I left out a rune Dagaz. Please include this in your notes if your are taking them. Dagaz: (D. Day[light]) This as daylight suggests brings about clarity, awakening and enlightenment. It suggests a good time for planning and embarking on new projects and that things can be taken at face value. (I'll give 15 HP to the student who can tell me the reversed/ merkstave definition of this rune. I lost some of my notes during the move and trying to write some new ones.)

We are going to be practicing using the Runic Alphabet. Ok first we are going to start with some simple words. So if you want to spell the word DOG you would use the these runes: Dagaz(D), Othala(O), and Gebo(G). Easy enough, right? Ok lets try another one. If you want to spell the word HELLO you would use: Hagalaz(H), Ehwaz(E), Laguz(L), Laguz(L), and Othala(O). Another easy one, yeah?

Ok let's try a couple more. We will spell the word FREIGHT. You would use: Fehu(F), Raidho(R), Eihwaz(EI), Gebo(G), Hagalaz(H), Tiwaz(T) Now we will spell the word THINK. So what would you use? Thurisaz(TH), Isa(I), Nauthiz(N), and Kenaz(K). Not so hard right? Ok we will end it here today. The next lesson we will continue to practice using the runic alphabet and we will be doing a project.
Here is the HW. You may need to look at past lessons to answer some of these.

1. How would you spell the word Hello using the runic alphabet?

2. How would you spell the word Think using the runic alphabet?

3. Spell the word HAT using the runic alphabet.

4. Spell the word Thing using the runic alphabet.

5. Give me the reverse/merkstave definition of Dagaz(extra 15 HP).

Extra Credit- If possible spell your name using the runic alphabet.

July 29 Homework Received.




 For questions or homework help contact to Destiny34567


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Disclaimer: I am no way or claim to be a rune expert or a real teacher. I have gathered information from many sites on the web. Doing this for my guild that I'm in and its just for FUN!!!! Thx. :)