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Study of Ancient Runes First Years Lesson 6 Date: August 6, 2005.


This is the sixth lesson of study of ancient runes. REMEMBER: NO copying and NO cheating!


Sixth Lesson: Practice using the Runic Alphabet Part II

We are going to continue practicing using the Runic Alphabet. We have gone over on how to spell words using the runic alphabet...and today we will learn sentences. Ok the first sentence we will practice with is: See Spot Run.(LOL) So you would use: Sowilo(S), Ehwaz(E), Ehwaz(E) [Remember to space it out or it will look like one word] then Sowilo(S), Perthro(P), Othala(O), Tiwaz(T) and the last Raidho(R), Uruz(U), Nauthiz(N). Got it? Ok now we can try something a little bit less than easy. What would you use for: The house elves are free! Thurisaz(Th), Ehwaz(E), then Hagalaz(H), Othala(O), Uruz(U), Sowilo(S), Ehwaz(E) then Ehwaz(E), Laguz(L), Wunjo(V)[<--remember thats also a W], Ehwaz(E), Sowilo(S), then Ansuz(A), Raidho(R), Ehwaz(E), and then the last Fehu(F), Raidho(R), Ehwaz(E), Ehwaz(E). Not so bad right?

Ok I think we will stop there, you might have the hang of it now.
Here is the HW. You may need to look at past lessons to answer some of these. Just write out the rune names, I would hate to ask to do a copy and paste, I've tried it..its too long lol.

1.Review: Please spell the word DEFENSE in Runic Alphabet.

2.Review: Please spell the word BROOM in Runic Alphabet

3. Write a short sentence using the runic alphabet.

4. Which rune can be the letters W or V?

5. Which rune is used for TH and which is used for EI?

Extra Credit- Write a short sentence using the Runic Alphabet and using the word Dumbledore's Army.

August 6 Homework Received.




 For questions or homework help contact to Destiny34567


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Disclaimer: I am no way or claim to be a rune expert or a real teacher. I have gathered information from many sites on the web. Doing this for my guild that I'm in and its just for FUN!!!! Thx. :)