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Study of Ancient Runes First Years Lesson 1 Date: July 1, 2005.


Here is the first lesson of the class along with the homework. REMEMBER: NO copying and NO cheating!


Lesson 1: What are Runes? What's it's History and it's Origin? Part I


Runes are an ancient alphabetical script used by people. But before they were used as alphabets; runes were given meaningful names which were used for magical significance to magic folk. Also each rune was linked to certain elements.

No one knows the exact date and how old the runes are but many say it was early as 1300 B.C. (Bronze Age) Appeared in cave markings; runes were also carved into stone or wood.

Since Runes comes from the old Norse word Runa; (secret,mystery,or whisper) rune masters/mistresses (also magic folk) were considered to have mystic powers in their understanding of the runes. Runes were represented as people, animals, and objects to just name a few.

About AD200 the runic alphabet formed. It was known as the Futhark or Futhork or Elder Futhark; from the names of the first 6 runes: Fehu, Uruz, Thurisaz, Ansuz, Raido, Kauno. (Important: Remember TH is considered one letter) At this time we will be learning these. (Advanced lessons will learn the Anglo-Saxon and the Younger Futhark.) These (24) symbols make the rune set.

They are very few runic inscriptions and are on stone or metal today.

1. Give a brief definition on what are runes.

2. What Age (not the year; but what did they call that timeframe) in which the runes were thought to have formed or used.

3. What does the old Norse word Runa mean?

4. What was the given name of the original Runic Alphabet?

5. Name the first 6 runes and how many symbols are in the set.

Extra Credit:  What form (branch) of magic is said runes are used in? (Be specific)

July 1 Homework Received.
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Disclaimer: I am no way or claim to be a rune expert or a real teacher. I have gathered information from many sites on the web. Doing this for my guild that I'm in and its just for FUN!!!! Thx. :)